Sous Rature




Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Found Sign

               not on fields made red
by iron in the rivers
with no rivers
               & not red

               nothing left
to change the color
                    nothing left of hand or extra rib
                 (no other tissue either
                                          even made of wood-rim cells
bodies disposed as we incinerate
flags against indignity
                          of burial & horns

This. what you support when you obey
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In Praise of Loose Petals

what is Chrysanthemum but
winter's praise Imperium  ?

white ` yellow ` purple tongues
for petals are not to speak
these panegyrics but

                     to devour me
or are to speak their licking of your feet
which does devour me
                      to think

                      of these blooming Anthems Gold
I will have none `` give me
Peonies ` refuseniks ` of Wu Zetian
   would have refused an emperor too
had he asked for winter blossoms

which emperor ` chrysanthemum
froze you in december pattern?
was it banishment you feared?
                              those showy flowers in my borders
                           that would refuse were banished
                  among the loyal flowers `  I'm already margin

          not my thin walls divide
        me from other occupants of hive
      and if you doubt
                       come at night
  when others or I bring drones home

                                      Serve o Serve
                                      Drones can't serve
                                      peonies to reproduce
                                       (or I

and I'm no worker queen no queen
king no king no wings of hummingbird speed

          will carry the pollen from peony
          to peony    (do I need say I

             will bring the flowers to hybrid)ity