Sous Rature


Katherine Sullivan
Christopher Rizzo




Form one. And now go nerve sound,
unearthed meaning through one, edges
where particular chemicals itself
until curve wants one itself. Spacing
forms. Pacing fills itself out of itself.
About flesh feeling real and one,
one flesh edges from guts. One particular
stuttering to knot and itself fills
in articulations. Sound chemicals
course appetition articulate.
Particular, look how real forms.
And tense, sorts. Spacing. And meaning
real time one in life. Particular
into finished and through, for one
to nerve happens, will that ones.
Nerve and sound, space, one feeling one as one.
To love through of, and in autonomy
that which chemicals.


Knot love. With about sound
particular, happens, life. Life.
Not for nothing. And with autonomy
love with nerve and particular space,
feeling how to do life. A stuttering a
how to finish through life and with.
Blacked one tip to do that to have.
A brush with life. Doing not of.
A one how. Chemicals curve meaning real
form knotted through appetition.
Who loves nerves around sound edges
unearthed forms. Then with makes
now to do, particular and sound fills.
Make space with space, nothing ever empty.
Life. How but one form, form into
flesh, finished with spacing flesh
real stuttering and how one through
finished forms acted upon. To prefer
not to, how one spaces. Negative
capabilities, knot love, through
how now know for others. But other.
How flesh how to flesh out appetition forms space.
Stuttering life. Flesh guts.
Nerving form moves. Form.


In tenses edges. Edge.
Wants and life. Behind fills
to touches sorts. And for stuttering of,
in and of space, word chemicals
and they sound to go
feeling in moves. For one will
happen, into with and autonomy life.

Out at edges means
things particular, power
appetition lit wants one
blacked sound a how
tip tells have. Nerve articulations.
Curves. Fills part-
icular of space.

Above nothing. At how happens
as sound, then feel out in-
to touches yellowing I
prefer not to.


Edges. In look
marks one
into finished
nerve particular

Edges which
look to feel out
hear with marks now
nerving flesh
which one words
stems. Real

stuttering one
guts finished
meaning now
sorts. Shape.

Emerge you
know you never
know what
means until you


With and glaze about
wherein, percept a
you and now how
look unearthed

paradise a now in part-
icular to makes

a form, with, love
through itself in
blood words you

a person. Now
know how, make
makes make

a form tangle
you a form a
person one through

to make known
knot to and knot

about to you
now how knot

with and know life

words particular
through finished
where paradise

makes particular
about itself and
look with

percept a knot
to love through itself
other but now
how but tangle to
knot to one in
about look.


And flesh happens feel
negative preference
with love autonomy
to prefer not to
guts with have.
How out of how exists one life.
Meaning to do.
About edges. And look for
and smooth for then
through space, articulation
means how how to.
With love autonomy
flesh fills out itself
through nerving to
sound, about space, curves.
Meaning marks forms
out and through
wants and in tenses
do in to through
itself unearthed.

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