Sous Rature



Edwin Torres














: - : TO WATER : - :
Horizon's play — plateaus of watered waves
          prosthetic hummer
          roams — I have the best
                                               view          my butt is there
                                                                 right now

                                    put an argument
                                    into a riptide — guffaw

dear john letter
vulgar mechanism                incomplete

                                    colloquial inversion, take slang
            for jingo — my magnifier
                                                   petri dish

                     how do you maintain
                     all these cacti            know when
                                                                               to water













: - : TO COME : - :  
Computereen — spits out
cloudy beach hardon             empty squeen
                                                                   outlines the modern raindrop
           dear foamali to manside — what is ecstasy
           of the divine free                 
                                   there's no one here — transfer son
                                                                                          to foreskin













: - : TO GO : - :
Run raw shut
no         I don't see — yes
                           I don't know why only
                           rocks — no sticks

                           why bother with polite
                           with yes        if squinter

                                       is how you arrive — then why
                                       can't take eyes off
                                                                            just like that

                                                                                            leave danger running














: - : TO CATCH : - :
Tiny bamboo cage —
ghosted prisoner

             tiny bamboo water bowl — tiny bamboo perch inside
                           trained to catch
                           tiny bamboo wind

              through tiny bars — the size of matchsticks
                                       rattled by windstorm, impossible endeavor

                                                                                                 to catch a break














: - : TO VISIT : - :
But that's a manmade flat-top — come to me
when your well dries up

                           exact ego     wrinkled coastline
to the sand scribe — an offering, a handheld tremor

                                        a tower            from the waist up
                                        touristic attractive

                                                                  to rename the people














: - : TO CHOOSE : - :
The metaphysic fiasco —
without subject          material becomes

                         gifted by voyeured snatchpad
                         become a scene — before the everywhere you are

            how to meditate        on a pile of grains
            when your seat         is your hand

                                                                          let me
                                                   — naked on grey with yellow sweep
                                                                          over bare knees and dimension —

                     choose one from history
                                                                                        to follow














: - : TO STAY : - :
Clever rouse of the street artist
to include the people

             and have them pay for it — scholar is there
             for blanket, reader for food
                                                                   it is the people
                                                                   who will eat — and I

                                       am a stormy cook

                                                                             no color       
                                                                             to stay inside the lines














: - : TO STOP : - :
Has there ever been
a drawing

as deja vu — where hand

                          begins                             and knows                                                                                                                                      to stop














: - : TO BONE : - :
                                                would say — why not
                      get that cared for —














: - : TO SWIM : - :
Circular grave           etched rock        
                                                           did I show you
                                                           my totem —

                                                                            inspite of my colors      
                                                                            raging verse and wow —

                         did I raise the values
                         my open window      my captive maneuvering

                                                                                                                     to remove

                                                                 any taint of size
                                                                              of notion














: - : TO LAND : - :
Remaining — from hint         sucker bravo

                                        orb defining muse — howler land
                                        n word practitionist

                                        cement stone
                                        to water   

                                        before you take
                                        your new-eyed swan dive














: - : TO EACH : - :
                          Alabaster bust
                          dressed in white —
                                                                   of his own choosing

          in the primitive house
          where the cannabis sits             
                                     on walls as blank as — well I would say nothing now
                                                                                          but there is a yep —
                                                                                                                    pops the virgin
                       as hot as he is
                                                          to look away














: - : TO BLINK : - :
What happens          when the statuesque
sit upright

             cursed for antiquity, shoulder
             hawk on pigeon breast

                         did I define life
                         tell someone who can't see you

                         fine, enjoy life
                         they respond             — equal as envy

             all ears on the how and the why
             respect the think
                                       exhaust the pen of ink, try
                                                                                            to blink  













: - : TO BLEED : - :
Start the left                — the only way
            to swim, in a wet suit of skin
                                                    cover your misleads

                                       — and just like that
                                                                 another wave
                                                                 washed away — travels
                                                                              to the left
                                                                              to let       the foreigner
         enter the scene             later, a reflection

                                                                                              to be















: - : TO RIB : - :
The next one             If you close it
                                      quicker             and back, there — and so

                         all manner of trickery
             from shadow and proportion — show off
                                                    that's what I would do too

                                                                  if I weren't stuck here with                 my gift

                                        nerves of steel
                                        will never cover         those hips

                                                                no matter how small the impulse
                                                                                                                                    to slip














: - : TO DIP : - :
Find the top
of something you stared at — osmosis of line
                                                                     into color

             attacked by odor
             by form

                                        does it matter
                                        when to escape — in the eloquent slip                                                                  
                            of your many             aerial interruptions        
                            here is the cracked
                                         and, smooth is not
                                                       when bent over

                            feral — the wave
                            without witness           

                                                                    the extra hour undone
                                                                    by one day

                                                                    final calendar intact — in the hint
                                                                    of your many becomings
                                                                                                                   to easiest the reason made












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