Sous Rature


Erin Casey


walk me to ashville
Facebook Interaction; Digitized Radio Conversation for Two Emoticons


coach is the name of nameless interaction.  get over here NOW.   its hard to be tied thro cyber shots.  and nAMless interaction, juvenile delinquency.  let’s be teachers

capitals are stupid and extremely overused.  you should avoid them at all costs.  they make you look uneducated.

PURPLE are the words that move fastest through our non-spatial wordless connection.  ALIENation is old enough now to make me a woman and although i act like purupleewe.  why aren’t you here?  why do i have to talk to you this way?  stupid game.  there is rock climbing in capital hill.  you should be here.  now.


baby.  i hope the party stimulated your blossoming cybernetical individuation.  there is a mountain on the cyberpage that we can climb, if your identity is worked up and worked out, spherical.  coach.  the (nuva) ring  is my gift to you and your small hand haunts my waking mouth.  walk me to ashville.

this is a dumbass costume and thinking of you becomes ridiculous.  I MISS YOU! the field behind the stadium is where I go to think of you. 

xxxcuse me, coach.  the triple x’s constitute our relationship and take over my cybernetical speech.  whwere the fuck are you?  play the game.  get out your UNBORN PUP and conduct a digitized tete a tete.  OH in OH?  answer me quickly.  stupid game.  get ready.

i hope you made dope.  get up the rochill bitch.  we’re going climbing. 

was your PHONE talking?  it plays the chords of a technicolor tetrahedron and SUCKs up the screaming of superimposed coachspeak.  i should be getting a new phone and I WANT TO TALK TO YOU.  break down the dialectical of digitization and get me a new computer to emote with.  it allows me to conduct some explosions today.

you need to be here now because i made this hilarious movie last night. 

letter it to me. wwwfuckithtml

WHAT are you doing.  i hope you are downloading and streamingscreaming your interpolation.  how are you? ARE you drunk and having a great time?  email me.



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