Sous Rature

                                              Anne Gorrick 


Julian’s Idyll 
for Rich Barley   


                                              Braced for a bridal form of archery
              Rabidly barred
              A charred lyrebird
              a crib filled with birch bark

                                                             radial, braided, rabid

                          The hare makes crosses in the snow

              Richness bleared
              a chair or a yard
              A bare lady
              on a chair in the yard              looking for her library card

                                     Also, a chocolate lab the color of a cattail

Dearly or cherry or char
We dial our relics
on the telephone

                                                Chard or carrel acridly

Bray hard and riled bridle
The cradle raced                      and earbirds

                                   The Hudson as hybrid ocean, the color of lead
                                   notated with its own winter lyrics
                                   The railroad tracks scribble and crab



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