Sous Rature




from Brut


blind hide hart bull
red fury rage
blind hide blind hide
vain target maul
hide red taunt thick
cage acts toro
blind woods set crotch
catch vein seam
hood blind humus watch
smell pierce metal
blind fury  hide
too big so hood
through edge edge


Extreme Unction



Facts Re: the Theology of Sad Monsters


Tuesday May 10, 1994
In the Columbia Correctional Institution’s whirlpool, Jeffrey Dahmer was baptized into his old childhood Church of Christ. Members numbered 1,769,000 in 1990. From 1990 to 2001 the church grew at a rate 18.9% higher than its historical average growth rate.
It believes in:
“first ecclesiastical age”
“a capella worship”
“non-existence of homosexuality”

“BTK” Dennis Rader, former president of Christ Lutheran Church, liked his tidy palindrome “Dennis sinned.” The church believes in sacramental union. Pastor Michael Clark of the Wichita, KS church, said, "about demon possessions or Satan or whatever...I am talking about it now. It's a situation where I just don't know for sure whether 21st-century Western culture can really handle a different kind of an understanding of evil, because we have so richly bought into a psychological model of understanding evil and bad things in the world."

De Sade wrote in his last will and testament that he was "atheistic to the point of fanaticism.” Fanatical atheism is an oxymoron in the emotional sense, as much as Satanism is. YET, Appollinaire claimed that DS was “the freeest spirit that has yet existed.”

(She sd, “[For God’s sake,] he used religious icons as instruments of rape.”)




7pm a crumpled net on a distant road circled her around to prior noon, same grey net held her hand [insert hand for prophet like a puppet insertion slit] & disregarded. twenty bucks for her soundtrack, phoned herself to say  <<**HIT**>>. the homophone's just the tip of the ‘berg. she has white hot bursts in various corporeal locations, keeping on. large format lead as scalpel following the gut's infernally anfractuous meander. many of us draw this archetype when we need to be new. in mode, some derive in the felling, the hands-on. deadly new.










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