Sous Rature


marco giovenale



4 PH(e)rASE frozen leds

from belly baal babel bar



yell. the leds of his phone stay lit all night long. this event increases the world's temperature. the word rapture means: this is by no means a –capture text. aka: kaputt, cure, cut-up core prose. or: b-rose stays filmly lit all night long –while pietry sleeps. id est: o. or: not. tiny taxidrivers weep weep. tits' tears. a: ghost of god. in strings. yellow ones


2 (install)

he lights the lidlights. little says rhythms. then he (undefined) turns back, unlocking the door. (which one?) (choose) (which choice?) 

two flashes. a red worm cheers out from the horse's nostril in the photo. ashining ok. blurred, swept. now/but:

the company card knows



baker's pet tunes: grace. faith. hopeless myth-sharpener




rich people are kind. || they are gentle. || even toward their servants. || not always. || often. || usually they become rich and kind at the same time. || usually they become gentle by slaughter. || their servants murder at their command. || to gentle heart love's always be rejoining