Sous Rature



Michelle Naka Pierce (text)
Sue Hammond West (art)

excerpt from She, A Blueprint for InterSurface



[Lot 23]

In prayer, she retrieves a way to the thoroughfare. A divine construction of pulp. She said, who is equal against the odds. This slipping into imaginative canvas to exist in form. Open the door to 39 guests at a dinner party. Never to be the same threshold. Things in houses are metaphors. She stares into the camera beyond the eye of the photographer. Vintage deliberation before acerbic scores. And the safety of space lies in language. She does not pretend to need the confusion of scenes. What I want is not what I want, she says. Searching for a matchbook, anywhere. Sometimes, a road affair.


Note: Threshold refers to upper limit orgasm.



Parcel K. Her floating easement akin to an untroubled state of mind.








[Lot 25]

She wrote of remainders. Of azaleas around the house. Of colors in orchards near Victorian parlors on city avenues. She would let herself in during the night to perform chores. The task of making family caught her. Production out of destruction. A chiasmatic gesture. To dwell is different than unnoticed conditions in residence. She left a simple tissue sample to the left of her, in order to move to the right of it all.




Remainders: Mental
Areas Existing Just
Beyond The Familiar.









[Lot 29]

Inside of out and outside of in. Not drifting or pollen, not even in mingle. Not in what is current and reappear in plea. Grasp within grasp within single finger grasp. The unknown is unsure, as if to ask what makes this abstract. Two interlocking rings left by cups of tea. Not lemon or milk, not sugar or cream. The residue of patina and leaf. Every fleck a silhouette. This is what is current. Which makes the wet imprints, which makes the moving past. All space is the surface of bodies between bodies. Unsure, she asks, if making is making a tract.




Interlocking Rings:
Liminal Space Is
Bracketed By Functional
Space And Vice Versa.








Parcel N. A metameric matching in apparent shade.