Sous Rature



Mytili Jagannathan





                                                  There are no words save words.  Folly to even try to count. 

You have no access except the shallow art of your eyes.  Born a covert daughter, a wish unscrolled and years later, folded to codex.  

There is no mother here, little egg.  Brink of the gorge: thistle and almond and fig.

                                    Brink of this street:
                                                                          awoke impossible pretending to continue. 

Though I am walking through the window re-absorbing your body as self-propelled

While nested as one member of her people, a people who—she had been told—
would not hesitate to give her away.   

                                                  A tiny room with a giant heart and centuries and tentacles. 

                          A blue golden field of micrography.

                                                              jangle the amber baby I heard you--

              this way of living

                                       incredibly powerful and resilient

              tears me apart

Because influence is a close cousin of corruption, I stood with my dress waving permission in the guise of a leaf.  Not present exactly, but close.  Re-lighting a story about how I discovered the occluded past through your hands. 

It means something to refuse the hard line, to assert languages listening to their life inside each other.


                                                spawn of polyhymnal

                                                                                     gods caught

                                    in the talk market


Having chosen            
                                                a waterfall vision:

I meditate on this when I find myself in despair of ever untying

                         the knot of our present




                                      I remain






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