Sous Rature


Raymond Farr                         

                         Bruce Andrews Staring Contest in the ER

Mick Jagger Malt Shoppe pouts like a dream boat multi-million quid
At Sex Pantry Down Under

The davidbowie staircase iron clad iron-on muscle shirt bonanza briefly flames
Is Cupid on fire drill habitat muzak wave length tonight in ER?

Spanish moss
For a cot pillow
Till time hovers
& I itch
To a sullen
Blistered boy
Staring back
At Bruce Andrews
In ER staring contest
Lionized over
Salt lion

                       Id                        D’Or
                                  Demain yet


Some rules are meant
While some are meowed
To be or not to be
Brkn up

I took Paula’s hand & held it
The Beatles’ 45 revolved in everbreathless everturning      everstar-

                                                                         Twinkling dark

                                                        Linked to prostitution ring
The finale
       Was                signed Cameron Beaversley
                         Poems improvised to taste

Level terrain             /     reign
                            Is a wrong
                               Song, Hiawatha

I awakened a few hours later to the relentless pitter patter
Of human rain drops
That heralded a deluge of wanting mouths

                           Ice on a snail shell
                              Warren of the ridiculous
                                    Skimmed ilk Rumi persona
Summed up

I rated cinema
As I wld
Hi jinx at a roller rink: PG13

                     I put / or pushed the IV in
My arm around
Agent X
& led her
Back down
To the waiting area
Startled by
Clues freer
Than dice

I climbed in with her and she was hooked up like a snail shell
to this machine with wires hanging down, and I remember its
high pitched pinging echoing thru corridors out in the cold halls.
It was a shrill sound as when a tv station signal dies.
Or when the patient in a docu-drama suddenly codes:
“We’ve lost her again. Don’t stare at the eyes.”






                         Kindred Simultaneous

Through frameworks of “dual’s” watery silence
a kindred thing proposed itself.                      (I listened all I had. I saw, I think.)
It was not all silence that writing proposed.
And so I watched the dictionary fall
from its shelf of parenthetical preconceptions,          (I judged it float (                      ).)
an action apparently [ kludge ] descriptive,
& an annal-ytical position denoting: “I, myself,
saw myself double as I hit, spine first.”                       (Anodynes textual as move.)
I edited word-schtick, an (eye) / an “I” twice revised,
indulged prank-ampersands typo’d asunder,
rope tricks of “as” & “under” & “and” done
simultaneously, a sight gag’s jail-punctuation.       (Some eschatological fishtailed.)
But how Goofy & Daffy role-play “canards”
while uttering aloud mock invocations connoting:
“My wounds are lovely dark & deep,” [& / or]
“I have little cat feet with which a fire leads a fire
through the house” is curious. Each object / image,          
[supra-employed] signifies / represents / re-
defines: an op cit’s kazoo. “A text oft writ /       (Cyreno delays / spoke into.)
a gestalt psychology revs up in situ” is beyond
translation. “Arctic as poems / tropic as bananas”
seems two natures, the aspect of memes doomed to comic
relief in awful black comedy. Graphically unreal,            (Chop! Chop! Chop! Whooosh!)
a “smart joke” is a “difficult poem.” Some canned applause
& a corny laugh track later, language IDs itself,
“ravaged by silence” not given up as a ghost is,
or why sub-sets of ‘y’ simply refer.” A meaning
is a meaning-of -“y” is a storm interrupts, pseudo as
“real tv-drama.” [Cue the yukkety-yuks]. A bracket’s
stylized, bipartisan, [delete]Texas, two-step metes.
Or so say the twins: “idiom” & “stratagem” purloined
from the museums / the circuses of [our] great writers’
cerebra, the Garden State’s ultimate construct               (By opposites fixed a real.)
adequately assembled, in part, in the eye,
& fantasized / reassembled, in part, on the page.