Sous Rature


Stacy Szymaszek






the Latitude of City Hall in New York
is 40° North - Longitude 74° West

New York is one of the most romantic
cities for friendship

an observation is taken for the purpose
of finding the compass error

it’s a ship of students

I was 6 when the Edmund Fitzgerald sank
one of the theories is “human error”

that was Lake Superior

there is an interactive CD ROM of
the foundering of a friendship

the crew of the Mighty Fitz never sent an SOS
the SS Andrea Doria never made it to New York

in voice procedure ‘over’ is short for ‘over to you’

who are my friends in City Hall
who are my friends in New York
who are my friends in Superior

the watchman, Ransom, was 53
my true age after sun exposure

another theory “previous structural damage”
Latitude 47º North - Longitude 85º West

try removing and reinserting the disk
only one device can communicate at a time

my avatar is a psychotic pocket captain
on memory watch


mooring bouy

       mooring bouy




students make and fix maritime errors till dawn
they are friends and have signed affidavits at City Hall

‘bravo bravo bravo’ means a serious incident
and doesn’t alarm the passengers

the survival rate of seasickness is 100%

the students protect the wreck
a travel advisory is issued
the bell exhumed for restoration

another theory
          “a wave engulfed the ship pushing the front underwater

the ship then hit ground and broke in two

          this may be why the halves of the ship are so close”


                                  -for Drew Kunz & after David Antin






   2 pieces from Hyperglossia



anagram   :


    an    at              pa    ant   ape  apt  are
    ate   ear  eat   era        hen   her       net
nap nat   pen        per  pet   pan   par      
    ran                               the  tan
tar            earn                   heat      tap
neap                      nape                  pent     
    pear       peat
          pant       pare       part            path              
    rant                  rate        tern      tear     

trap           earth                       neath                 

anther    parent     tehran           panther   he



        aphorism and mesostic   :

                                 XX Pathway determines
                           who your Accomplices are in
                             agrariaN distribution
                                 tooThaches forecast lay to waste            for in this climate fire in tHe mouth is a detriment
                 shield your omnivorE origin while
                    you consume the Raisin cake in a pool of milk