Sous Rature



Thierry Brunet (text)
Jeremy Geddes (art

Who is Charlotte 1?

Charlotte 6 is immature on Sunday afternoon
Charlotte 7 is deciding who to blame tomorrow
Charlotte 8 is feeling remorseful on Monday
Charlotte 9 is a raging world external to us

Charlotte 14 is an abacus in quicksand
Charlotte 15 is a spiritualized portrait with wires
Charlotte 16 is the etymology of elegance
Charlotte 17 is the angular speed of the heaviest snowfall

Charlotte 21 is a butterfly catastrophe unfolding boreas blues
Charlotte 22 is a slough of disputes

Charlotte 26 is Heaven’s despite
Charlotte 27 is Hell’s disregard

Charlotte 33 is the lady on the roof imagining twilight
Charlotte 34 is the unqueen of computed solitude
Charlotte 35 is back to blank in a minimal taxi
Charlotte 36 is short-circuiting the dogma ignition

Charlotte 40 is a true elementary proposition
Charlotte 41 is a counterpoint to the routine ‘I’
Charlotte 42 is moving carefully either side of her fate
Charlotte 43 is addicted to solstice attitudes

Charlotte 47 keeps twelve fireflies in a tinted glass jar
Charlotte 48 knows how to lure the magic out of its hiding place
Charlotte 49 bridges the distance between hyperbole and crude minute
Charlotte 50 will broke Charlotte 47’s jar to smudge the silence

Charlotte 54 ambushes her breast in the occurrence of simple symbols
Charlotte 55 takes her time to look good but she might bleed
Charlotte 56 speaks roughly in order to belie the vertical obviousness
Charlotte 57 cannot escape to her obsession for ravage

Charlotte 61 = encounter-dark
Charlotte 62 = confusion-guilt
Charlotte 63 = interior-endless
Charlotte 64 = wide-waters
Charlotte 65 = forever-wounds
Charlotte 66 = bodily-frivolity

Charlotte 79 doesn’t know what really happened at 3:28 PM

Charlotte 82 is better known by the moniker Charlotte 1
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