Sous Rature


                    William Allegrezza                                                                                  




                                        still a third                               the manner                  of these objects
                                                                 the medium being the same    the objects the same
                                    by narration                                             another personality
                                                   before us

                    These, then,


                                                   drama    given

                                                                                       put forward



                                                                                       of language

                    villages, they say,


                    This may suffice





                    to have sprung from two                                             First


                                           felt in things                                             
                                           evidence of                 experience

                                                                 with          delight to contemplate

                    animals                                     cause

                                                                                            in general

                    inferring, and saying


                                                                               of rhythm




                    though many                                                   were




                    i crossed out the i before e

                    arseholed and pigeoned          still playing the simulated voice

                    this while the directions
                    are clear
                                staple and fold   staple fold collate
                                staple and fold   staple fold collate

                    our breathing is rapid
                    we read
                                and expect a significant event to unfold
                                in this relationship between text and real

                    here a map
                                with inventories accumulating in myriad languages
                                the talk all about the fading empire

                    i crossed out the i before a

                                to reline the sheets
                                                                    still releasing a coupled trace
                                                                    wandering a busy street